Monday, August 8, 2016



back on the river with some cosmic covers, man overboard and gilded deep see/hear excursions… only available at the merch table on the blazing bird road trip and right here while this magic button is UP. be here now ->

MATT VALENTINE: vocal, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, prophet 600, harmonica, bantar, tambura, swarsangam, oscillator, moog, percussion, vox repeat percussion, linn drum

special rider: samara lubelski (violin *taste of shotgun*)
cover photos: em hexe

14th union pool/brooklyn (with metal mountains)
15th aurora/providence (with allysen callery + westeryear)
16th light club lamp shop/burlington (with wren kitz)
17th casa del popolo/montreal (with jerkwater image + andre charles)
18th dream away lodge/becket
19th buch spieler records/montpelier (with tim foljahn)
20th jaume 1/greenfield (with dredd foole)
21st the lilypad/boston (with john andrews & the yawns)
22nd helderberg house/albany (with burnt hills)
23rd 118 elliot/brattleboro (with pewtr thom foole)

all dates with the doozer except montreal

8/27 13th floor music lounge/florence (with the mountain movers/dalthom)
9/7 root cellar/greenfield (with P.G. Six)
9/23 lilypad/boston (with pigeons/bong wish)

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