Monday, October 10, 2011



"i was lookin' for myself in this celestial agriculture and came upon this country store. i was informed. i was told by certain sources that this was the place. you can hear why. i mean from the outside it looked like any other joint. tho' you don't need to cut the cord to know that a C.O.M. is not like anything else. this sounds and feels analog - because it IS and was created with warm technology in every possible stage. you don't need to jettison awareness to realize that this is handmade. would be "good" by the woodstove, in yr ear, for yr pipe - stuff like that. so i went inside and asked if they'd heard us and thought about DIY, keepin' it sustainable. i just asked straight out like that. you can wait right there and look or you can "hear" it while supplies last." limited to 99 copies...

8 discs packaged in a handmade/handbound wallet offset printed with silver and black ink, stamping and a 16 page book with a color cover repro of the tour poster. "you are there" vibe of the tapers pit recorded live, up close and personal. all this housed in an archival quality poly sleeve - lovingly assembled/mastered/restored in spectrasound. peace ∞

MV/EE/FLOWER appearing at certain shows with special guests chris corsano / jeremy earl / harmonica dan and willie lane.

$66 plus postage
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