Friday, February 23, 2018

WET TUNA livin' the die!

livin' the die right here/right now roll on...

deluxe CHILD OF MICROTONES cd limited to 99 copies in a handmade gatefold jacket and "mini" bumper sticker...
LP version on feeding tube also to 500 copies

WET TUNA was formed for all beings.
legendary WFMU DJ/HEAD the avant ghetto says "revel in the earth/space magic" ->

shipping included in price...available separately or as a sweet COMbo bundle



...available now as a preorder...
officially released 3/23 but you will get C.O.M. love and receive sooner than street date

Utterly boo-licious debut slab by this new duo, made up of Matt 'MV' Valentine and Pat 'P.G. Six' Gubler, who have been in cahoots since the near-forgotten days of The Tower Recordings. The pair (mostly known for guitar-aktion) create a full band's worth of jams using percussion and keys and all-else. The results make for one of the more mind-melting platters to've hit the Valley in a good while. Like many of the best sides this pair has been associated with, the music on Livin' The Die is an elegant balance of ramble and spear. The songs' formats are as loose as Earl Butz's shoes but each of them is lanced with guitar sounds as tight as his legendary fist. Around these spumes of electric menace you'll find rings of crazy space burble, vocals so deeply layered they sound like something happening in the back of Daevid Allen's brain. But large swathes of the album are rurally expansive, as befits the mountainside on which it was recorded. Pods of guitar-pedal-whomp slowly surface in the middle of whirling sea of harmonica slurps, juice harp bwongs and vocals as dreamy as they are lost. Roll a bone or be one. The choice, as always, is yours." --Byron Coley

Engines engage ~ underground early NY dance club vibes ~ Laid back ZZ top thing happening~ swampy grooves ~ Chilled vocals in a swirly jelly mix~ Stonesy feel here~ Cool lyrics def. Simmering stew of sonic textures including jawharp! ~ spooky themes surging in the undermix ~  kind of sci-fi cartoon P-Funky thing ~  mellow jam ~ Yeah man EscapefromNY synthy washes Danger in the Alphabet City space station ~ motorik across the plains to the next Wet Tuna gig…
Lovely lovely spectrasound production all around~ wow what a trip this album is~ total trip

will also be available on cassette with bonus fantasy set live tape via BAKED TAPES
AND digitally at midheaven/revolver 

peace ∞