Wednesday, March 18, 2020


COMpute agriculture -> 6 nu & unreal vernal equinox heroines for your inner ears 


HAH NOW & THEN!!! so is the formula for the COMmies of earth & beyond, we need ya…put the we in you. won yeh anagrammer hey now you can’t lose with these. sweet sound mojo vibe, alotta analog multitrax restored in mod mount analog. some levels were burnin’, what a flame: well mebbe “they” will get it while we get it ON. if the space war lords won’t pay the price we offer you some kinda stream. flow celestial agriculture flow cool it down where a virtual harvest is a button away, HOT chordage…grab an oar not a safety raft, star sail or float, your call -> we plant seeds in yr computer demense. PK DICK coulda never dreamed up this current reality we all in. donate to C.O.M. -> we can’t guarantee transport for listeners into a super future pleasuredome but we can assure you this was some kinda paradise where the adventure had gone outta our life. 


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it's all about the sound ∞ it's all about the coin