Thursday, June 27, 2013


howdy folks,
  feelin' the sweet thick spring air out he'uh post our recent rolls with herbcraft/doc dunn/muskox. real GROOVY times and have the chill matrix to prove it. did some new tunes, new jams...some old heads -> "meditations on payday"!?! sure felt good. we hit montreal canada goose/craft style and our local COMing out party with sweet new MV & EE was a huge success. always hip to play & hang with these lunar nodes. thx aurora & brandi! vega was having denardo visions in montague (her first gig!), excursions were definitely flyin' around the moon, no crisis. 
  got some plans to head into the great frontier this fall for the woodsist fest in big sur and goldrush festival in denver, wheels on fire...please give a holler to scott davis ( if u are interested in having us let it rip. hopefully we'll see ya at a sweet spot near U.
  fuzzweed LP's w/bonus disc still available direct from us, the's cooler that way. new heroines in the tape vaults COMing soon, 2 copies of the real zebulon set still left and a mighty fine basket weave of maximum arousal sound rearing its circuitous head in future wax, plural. 
  give a holler if u wanna deal:

tapers section casa del popolo * 6/8/13
photo: brandi
peace ∞