Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW HEROINE - live at Campsea Ash!

MV & EE with MICK FLOWER - "Wobbly Hall". Great sound with some sweet jams at this gig from Campsea Ashe in rural England in a village hall on the "steal yr slice" tour. The P.A. was incredible...brought in by "Tall James" and it was a wall of sound classic all the way. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides and Hugh Metcalfe were also on the bill, Erika captured me for the front cover snap in masked marvel mode doing the merch table. It was quite a scene. Mick and I ducked out for a swift one at a local pub in between sets, classic scenario with dog and fireplace and the "yer not from around here" raps/Q&A. Super friendly vibe tho' and nice to get a walk in for max aerobics before the show, you could feel lovejoy and the specter of auctions gone by in the moody mist. We sure did let it rip...unbridled tone.
Available direct...if interested give a holler. peace ∞

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new luddite - C.O.M. and HEROINE in the digital domain

dig it COMMIES and HEROINE addix:
MV & EE downloads and beyond

several months back we launched a campaign with our good ol' buds over at Revolver/Midheaven to bring you blasts from the past and future wave from our cottage label Child Of Microtones and its subsidiary Heroine Celestial Agriculture. This week 3 groovy titles have blossomed, the solo debut from Willie Lane "Recliner Ragas" which was COM 8, the solo debut from Samara Lubelski "In The Valley" which was COM 7 and our most recent MV & EE "electric" heroine set, full on quartet live in Cornwall, UK with Mick Flower and Andy Ramsay entitled "Freak Flag". check 'em out and smile like Karen Black.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

april flower

howdy skypilots,
  goin' on the road again in april as a trio with mick flower...come on out to the tapers pit near you.

mon april 4th northampton, MA feeding tube
tues april 5th saratoga springs, NY the arts center
weds 6th boston, MA the church
thurs 7th purchase, NY suny purchase
fri 8th - brooklyn, NY death by audio
sat 9th - philly, PA brickbat books
sun 10th - wilkes-barre, PA the crimson lion hookah lounge

  some real sweet special guests at these shows including willie lane and the flower corsano duo. stay tuned for more details. a real hip tour poster is starting to blossom...keep yr eyes peeled along with inner ears for a new perfect pair of heroines. peace ∞

Monday, February 21, 2011

heroine celestial agriculture - we're still harvestin' for you

MV & EE will travel anywhere for new sounds. Even the green mountains would lose their calm and cool with the touchdown of Heroines from Matt/Erika and fellow golden roadsters. Heroine Celestial Agriculture, the leader in live MV & EE sound capsules, provides the ultimate aural experience - the you are there vibe. From echoes and long jams to unearthly shrieks. It's a spaced out exploration of songform that's unknown to this side of the underground. If you're bold enough to challenge today's music scene with the far out future wave sounds of MV & EE - GO WILD! Go Heroine, go MV & EE and all who sail with them. It's the sound of the environments.