Thursday, December 15, 2011


With special guests each night... Including PG SIX and HIGH LODGE

Thanks Nate & Steph for the incredible poster! Keep it flowin'!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


howdy folks,
thanks a moon for giving...had a BLAST out at harlow's pub doing two sets over the weekend TAKING OFF as a quartet with rongoose and smokehound on board for sweet groove. good times good times.
set lists:
1st ride:
flow my ray
crash space > crash palace of records
speed queen
hammer > space blues > east mountain joint
you can call me zimmy rap
simple twist of fate
feelin' fine

2nd ride:
canned happiness
tea devil > tea environments > yay environs > fire on the mtn > get right church

we'll be doing (possibly) our last show of the year up in burlington with woods at the monkey house on wednesday december 7th. hope to see ya.

no worries tho', lotta road in the new year starting with 3 sets every sunday at zebulon in williamsburg, brooklyn. acoustic/electric/beyond. those shows are FREE.

stay free (do you really wanna?),
mv & ee

Saturday, November 19, 2011


really cool show comin' up next saturday at harlow's pub - we'll be doing 2 sets full on quartet action with the golden road. come on out and enjoy the rides

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


howdy folks,
we're about to roll on our "number of numbers" tour. first jams are tonite at feeding tube down in northampton. we're doing two sets acoustic and electric. 1st one is a trio with erika, J and i and the 2nd will be a full on electric ride with rongoose and moloney. after all what is half a clam?
psyched to blast off in louisville as well with good ol' tim barnes back in the saddle. here's the road:


wed 11/09/11 BOSTON, MA / T.T. THE BEARS (with wooden shjips)
sat 11/26/11 PETERBOROUGH, NH / HARLOW'S PUB (2 sets)
wed 12/07/11 BURLINGTON, VT / MONKEY HOUSE (with woods)

last copies of the "april flower" 8 disc set available from us on the road while supplies last

peace ∞

Monday, October 10, 2011



"i was lookin' for myself in this celestial agriculture and came upon this country store. i was informed. i was told by certain sources that this was the place. you can hear why. i mean from the outside it looked like any other joint. tho' you don't need to cut the cord to know that a C.O.M. is not like anything else. this sounds and feels analog - because it IS and was created with warm technology in every possible stage. you don't need to jettison awareness to realize that this is handmade. would be "good" by the woodstove, in yr ear, for yr pipe - stuff like that. so i went inside and asked if they'd heard us and thought about DIY, keepin' it sustainable. i just asked straight out like that. you can wait right there and look or you can "hear" it while supplies last." limited to 99 copies...

8 discs packaged in a handmade/handbound wallet offset printed with silver and black ink, stamping and a 16 page book with a color cover repro of the tour poster. "you are there" vibe of the tapers pit recorded live, up close and personal. all this housed in an archival quality poly sleeve - lovingly assembled/mastered/restored in spectrasound. peace ∞

MV/EE/FLOWER appearing at certain shows with special guests chris corsano / jeremy earl / harmonica dan and willie lane.

$66 plus postage
further info:

Friday, September 30, 2011


A few moons back we offered you an LP on the woodsist imprint simply called "mv & ee live - home comfort", which was originally a bootleg on the "hello sunshine" imprint. it was a smashing success in some circles and managed to capture the band raw and sophisticated, tattooed somewhere between a reverential acid folk (or indian classical) concert and a blasted roadhouse jam. "alt H/C", alternate hardcore or home comfort, depending how you listen to it, was issued on our HEROINE imprint as a reprise of that LP. it was compiled by MV/EE/FLOWER and given away as a promo only piece to folks who were checking out the scene around the merch table during the "april flower" tour in spring 2011. the philosophy behind this sequel was was meant to introduce folks to the "tapers pit" live sounds issued via our heroine celestial agriculture and to offer a different perspex of the trax from the original LP. these were the same compositions and jams from that record AND in the same sequence but culled from completely different performances. it makes for a rather intriguing listen as the mood and sonics vary considerably from night to night and more importantly add further dimensions to the studio renditions. post the tour we issued a small amount of these for sale to satisfy the heads that couldn't make the shows (and it helped recoup costs...what a concept!) and now we offer it to the global village. take a dip in this nudie stream and dig it.
enjoy/peace ∞

here's the link:

Monday, September 19, 2011


hey now!
workin' on a variable plethora of sonics toward a new LP/COM harvest. gettin' close and going into final stages of production this week on the "april flower" box. sweet things take time and it is startin' to feel like harvest season. dig erika doing some vocals maximum arousal farm style.

peace ∞,
mv & ee

p.s. for all you pioneer valley heads, we're doing a gig this thursday sept 22nd in brattleboro. pass it on...

mv & ee
daniel bachman
11 highlawn road
brattleboro, VT
8 pm

Thursday, September 8, 2011


yet another new show added, more rollin' in soon...

09/17/11 brattleboro, VT / vermont jazz center (FESTIVAL OF ENDLESS GRATITUDE)
09/22/11 brattleboro, VT / HOUSE SHOW (11 highlawn road * 8 pm * with daniel bachman)
10/20/11 brooklyn, NY / zebulon (with molly sweeney & spectre folk)
11/08/11 northampton, MA / feeding tube records
11/09/11 boston, MA / t.t. the bears (with the wooden shjips)
11/11/11 louisville, KY (cropped out festival)
11/12/11 pittsburgh, PA / the roup house (121 Roup Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206)
11/26/11 peterborough, NH / harlow's pub
12/07/11 burlington, VT / monkey house (with woods!)

peace ∞

Monday, September 5, 2011


howdy folks,
we were bummed that we had to cancel the last show of the tour in hudson, NY due to the hurricane. hopefully we will reschedule this fall.
PLEASE GET IN TOUCH if you can help with gigs/would like to present a show in november. we will be going out on the road and would like to route around the following dates. for now, upcoming shows are as follows:

11/09/11 boston, MA / middle east (with the wooden shjips)
11/11/11 louisville, KY (cropped out festival)
11/26/11 peterborough, NH / harlow's pub

see you soon!

Friday, August 26, 2011


off to warwick, NY tonite for a mind rehearsal/hang with good ol' jeremy earl to prep for our final show of the suub duub tour on saturday the 27th in hudson, NY at the spotty dog. will be super cool to return back to that joint, come on out - it is a sweet scene with books galore and great microbrews on tap. we'll be doing that set as a trio with jeremy and he and i will also open the show with our new duo raga project. the canadian shows with spectre folk were gimongous, heavy tone jams with the canada goose wing of the golden road and outer realms of gustatory love. hunted the fruits all the way. dig the yay environs from the TO tapers pit courtesy of our vilde mensch archivist, also known as medusa. stay tuned cos we're gwine toward the white light.
peace ∞,

Thursday, August 18, 2011


howdy folks,
we're gonna hit the north this weekend, in montreal this saturday 8/20 playing with Spectre Folk and Les Momies de Palerme at:
La Brique
6545 Durocher #402
Montreal, Quebec
on sunday 8/21 we're in good ol' TO also with spectre folk, tradition and eric chenaux! should be a real hoot. that one is here:
Placebo Space
1409a Bloor St W
Toronto, Ontario
both shows start at 9 pm and are all ages. we'll be joined by doc dunn in montreal and the full golden road (doc/muskox) in toronto.
hope to see ya...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SHEA STADIUM brooklyn 8/11

howdy duub followers,
we're rollin' on the suub duub tour all month long, all kings highway. 1st faze was good feedback, depth on max. we hit shea stadium in brooklyn this thurs and then cruise on to DC. hope to see ya in the dugout.
peace ∞

Thursday, July 28, 2011


howdy golden roadies,
sweet times sweet last nite down in greenfield, had a w-a-a-y into it and the tapers pit was pretty strong. noam got his first mv/ee/goose dose!
lookin' like the dubious liftings folks changed the name of their fest to BIG FRUITY. who knows what we woulda called this tour if we knew then what we know now. ever evolving. anyhow full line up for that is:
flaming dragons of middle earth
egg eggs
happy jawbone band
blanche blanche blanche
mv & ee

gonna run from 2 in the afternoon to sundown so come on out, it's outdoors at the lower mill pond, BYOB * (2 ferry st. easthampton). that's a big parking lot with the park behind it...
golden roadies unite!
alrida, time to hit the trails lookin' forward to hittin' new brumfus tonite and philly yonder.
peace ∞

* flyer by joshua burkett

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


howdy folks,
FREE FREE FREE show tonite at the people's pint in greenfield, MA - starts around 9:30. we'll be a trio with rongoose. "frozen corn" are also on the bill. should be some good ol' good times. come on down...tapers pit/diapers pit welcome.
noam's picks,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Monday, July 11, 2011

UPCOMING SHOWS - new show added!

dig the new show added, we'll be a trio at that greenfield hoot with rongoose.

july 27th - greenfield, MA: the people's pint
july 28th - new brunswick, NJ: tumulty's pub
july 29th - philadelphia, PA: highwire gallery
july 30th - easthampton, MA : town pavilion/dubious liftings festval

august 11th - brooklyn, NY : shea stadium
august 12th - washington, DC : the cherch

august 20th - montreal, canada : la brique
august 21st - toronto, canada : placebo space

august 27th - hudson, NY : spotty dog

peace ∞

Thursday, July 7, 2011


howdy folks,
erika and i are rollin' out for a handful of select summer shows, a sweet little roadside attraction we're callin' the "suub duub" tour. lets hope the u-joint is intackt. dig the dates below...

july 28th - new brunswick, NJ: tumulty's pub
july 29th - philadelphia, PA: highwire gallery
july 30th - easthampton, MA : town pavilion/dubious liftings festval

august 11th - brooklyn, NY : shea stadium
august 12th - washington, DC : the cherch

august 20th - montreal, canada : la brique
august 21st - toronto, canada : placebo space

august 27th - hudson, NY : spotty dog

peace ∞

Thursday, June 30, 2011


howdy folks,
as always if you need any heroine titles and dig dealin' direct drop us a line and we'll make it happen. all heroines are $6.50 each plus postage, nice price indeed.
if you wanna fertilize via the out buildings, you can see what we have growing over here:

our latest C.O.M. blast in the digital domain was the venerable "eye in the pines", which was COM 30 back in 2007. there she is above us here lookin' good and made by hand. it is a glorious love in which features the original "get right church" as well as some awesome tones from the mighty rongoose (pewt'r/sunburned & notable john kahn enthusiast) and ruth garbus (feathers/happy birthday). if you need more inspiration than THAT check out the link and dig deep for further immersion toward the sound of our world to the sound in your mind.
peace ∞

Friday, June 24, 2011


this set has a similar moodbox and spirit to the "toasted clam" heroine from the "L.A. turnaround" tour back in the autumn of '09. same quartet and we stretch out far and wide. dig the "toasted cookie" room ambience that kicks off the show and you'll know what kind of sweet ride this jam is gonna be.

give a holler...
peace ∞,

Thursday, June 23, 2011


peace ∞,



howdy folks,
i did a coupla of handmades for "country stash" around the time of receiving test pressings and they really hit the spot, much obliged to everyone for the good vibe...
doing these is nothing new for me as i often do original art on my records when i get the muse and have been doing so since where it began. i don't do too many, but the heads in the know somehow seem to find me. cory at three lobed was so into it and i wanted to pass on the spirit even tho' it wasn't "necessary" for this sleeve as the original cover/printing is super sweet. hats off to VG kids, jenny mcgee D and lucy isabel graves! i brought what i could with arcane inks, brush and pinners to these proceedings and let it rip second tier garage band folk scene style. this is the first wave of what i did for 3 lobed and i'm gonna do one more micro batch with the paint that i have left. give a holler if you wanna arrange "attainment", i'll be accepting offers on the new ones until the end of june. this batch is for noam ~
happy solstice,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


hey now!

new solo LP of mine dropped this week on woodsist...alotta me got in there. pick one up...

sustaining ∞,

Sunday, June 12, 2011


howdy fellow heads,
coupla shows COMing up, super excited to celebrate the solstice with the first barn concert of the summer at the RO HE GE Magic Theatre in belfast, ME - dig the poster below! following that luv in we'll be playing at The Port City Music Hall with dinosaur jr and henry rollins on monday june 20th. both shows we'll be a trio with matt lajoie of herbcraft sittin' in on low end theory.

hope to see ya in the tapers pit vacationland style.

Sat June 18th at
RO HE GE Magic Theatre
further info:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the sound in yr mind

howdy folks,
forever inspired and already workin' on some new action. i sleep, but just as much as necessary! more importantly, i LIVE. here's some viz from the woodsist buttermilk iso booth and the "woody" room at maximum arousal farm. high lodge all the way. lookin' forward to sharing with my friends, got even more awe-insp last nite at the monthly whisky league. thought of dredd foole and all friends via "four roses". if those who cannot count pedigree and vibe find a four leaf clover, are they lucky?
new grange,

Saturday, June 4, 2011


MV & EE live action COMing up near you...

june 18th - ro-he-ge BELFAST, ME (with prisma!)
june 20th - port city music hall, PORTLAND, ME (with dinosaur jr!)

july 28th - tumulty's pub, NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ
july 29th - highwire gallery, PHILADELPHIA, PA
july 30th - dubious liftings festival, EASTHAMPTON, MA

get in touch if you wanna book
peace ∞,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


howdy folks,
only the apex of habits for sure when we're up in montreal, always a pleasure to roll thru the casa del popolo up in the north country. this is a rare trio concert of MV/EE/MUSKOX and we really stretch out in a few spots but always remain glued to the unimind. one of those nights with wild unbridled neurons and a laid back language where all the sonics are intact and fully conversant. a real keeper and a solidly unique perspective on the jams, dig the tertiary stages within "environments"!
hard to believe this happened just one month ago but it is already a classic for me, check it out and get on in...

give a holler if you are that kind.
$6.50 plus postage ($2 US/$3 canada/$6 overseas)
paypal to

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


howdy freefolk collectors,
this is one of those dream gigs where the jams are aired, people are shootin' the shiza and playin' pool all under the one roof where our duo exchange provides the soundtrack. granted we get a little bit help from the percussion station known as cue ball and sports bar, and our sensitive mic's pick it up while while we're pickin'...but none of that real people "audience" tape scene detracts from the throw down on this wild ride of a gemmer from the "drone trails" tour back in january 2009. i live for these kind of gigs, sorta alt hardcore defined in a way, tho' this one is more petri dish where the specimen divide. what really ices it for me is one of the punters requesting "the uranian ray" during one of the breaks! gotta love it again and again, for that lets all take a dip and get stonewashed like burt lancaster in "the swimmer".

Saturday, May 14, 2011


howdy folks,

still comin' down off a sweet set at feeding tube with the toast'd clam wing of the golden road. tapers pit was STRONG that night and wild sonix will not be tamed, but unleashed...stay tuned. found another "on" moment in the archive from the "drone trails" tour back in january '09. killer duo exchange which i'm mastering right now from mt. pleasant, SC from the village tavern with a decidedly village thing daily dose vibe. magic landscape in the gene "pool", as in billiards percussin'.

been inside the spring reverb vibe out here, driven like the studio with jeremy earl workin' on some prime cuts and fine tuning some country stash handmades. got a very small batch to offer with pen and ink drawings/renderings done by yrs truly. i was inspired by a few collector friends of mine, daisuke and rick-O, in japan and new haven, respectively, who dig having my custom art on their eloquent shelves. i decided to do a few more...give a holler if interested and we'll rap.

good ol' country stash came out this week...forever may it revolve. get it while supplies last at a crash palace near yr inner ear. off to jam with J...
peace ∞

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MONUMENTAL FORCE (biggest moment)

howdy all,
everything is poppin' out here vermont style so staying in tune with nature we offer you our newest heroine celestial agriculture title "MONUMENTAL FORCE (biggest moment)". good times good times and possessed at the great cafe oto in london. what a night! as most of you reading this probably know, we were doing two sets each evening whenever possible when we were on on the steal yr slice tour. this is the 2nd set, full on electric action with drums, the test drive with our good bud ANRAM. locomotion and all kinds of trans continental rail moves. dig the love(joy) below...peace ∞

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


howdy folks,
just had copenhagen's family underground here for a fully turned on circuitous tone visit, us folks DID brattleboro. cuatro de mayo raintime jam with the FU and rongoose at maximum arousal farm really brought home the milkshake. been workin' on a lil' promo trailer for my "what i became" LP and gotta say everybody's reppin'.
special perimeter,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


howdy road enthusiasts,
just back after a sweet run at Issue Project Room (NY) - MV/EE/WILLIE/RONGOOSE/DOV and Casa Del Popolo (Montreal) - MV/EE/MUSKOX...what a perfect pair of gigs and there are primo tapes to prove it. much obliged to everyone for coming out and helping to make for some very good times.
we have a "local" gig with the family underground and crystalline roses on sunday may 1st down at feeding tube in northampton, MA. come on out...these new heroines listed below will be available at that show or direct from us, just give a holler. dig the spring harvest...lets keep 'em COMin'

peace ∞

Saturday, April 16, 2011


howdy folks,
just wrapped up the "april flower" tour with a glorious bang down in new haven. couldn't have felt a more golden way to send good ol' mick back to his home comforts. long may we jam. comin' up in the next few weeks are some one off shows all offering a diff perspex on our sound world.

friday april 22nd...issue project room/brooklyn, NY
i was asked to do a specific type of set in line with my qbico releases for a special series of events curated by "sagittarius A-star" i put together a band with erika/rongoose/willie lane and hopefully doc dunn if his pedal steel playing wizardry isn't too much of a threat to our security. we'll be doing two pieces, the raga based "environments" and somethin' i loosely call "the beginning of the game", which is an homage to early 70's peter green. it could also easily be called "gameboy paintball", come on out and dig for yrself in the tapers pit...bottoms up.

monday april del popolo/montreal, quebec
intimate trio show MV/EE/MUSKOX...presented by popcorn youth, suoni per il popolo and the great radio station CKUT. we couldn't be more psyched!

sunday may 1st...feeding tube records/northampton, MA
triple bill with the "family underground", a rare stateside appearance from this awe-insp unit outta copenhagen along with the pioneer valley future folkie "crystalline roses". cookin' some unique MV & EE action up as i type. hope to see ya in due course.
peace ∞

Thursday, April 14, 2011


howdy fellow golden roadies,
we just finished up the sequential circuit of the "april flower" tour, good times g-o-o-d times! had some groovy guests sittin' in at various shows - jeremy earl / harmonica dan / chris corsano / willie lane and we got a sweet pan of gold on the tapes to prove it. gonna be quite a spring harvest, lets bring it on. another possible tape box? HIGH-light LP? lovelight nice price heroines? all of the above? vote in accordingly. do it!
what we did for the tour was produce a promo only heroine that we gave away to select heads who were giving good vibe around the merch table. we call it ALT H/C...and it is a hardcore alternate version of the woodsist LP. mick and i compiled it from various shows with the core group of valentine/elder/flower along with john "mo'low" moloney, andy ramsay, doc dunn and the doozer makin' the scene on some jams. same tracks and sequence as the "home comfort" disc but with DEEP cuts culled from totally different sources. last chance to grip this version will be tomorrow nite, april 15th, in new haven where we'll be playin' popeyes garage on a bill with the flower-corsano duo. it will be our only full on electric set of the tour, quartet with mo'low on drums. don't miss it folks, don't miss it.
if you can't be at the gig in the corporeal sense, drop a line and we'll work somethin' out.
peace ∞

Sunday, March 27, 2011


howdy folks,
sweet addition to the april flower tour and proper way to send mick back off to his homeland. we'll be playing popeye's garage in new haven, located at 50 goffe street, on a bill with the flower-corsano duo. most likely it will be our only "electric" set of the tour.
stay tuned for more info - for now:

Popeye’s Garage is an experimental community arts collective located in the heart of New Haven, Connecticut. The space functions as an art gallery, recording studio, performance space, and much more. It acknowledges the power of bringing various groups together in one place where everyone can experience everyone else’s vision(s). It’s easy. It’s right there next to Popeye’s.

see ya in the pit near the fryolator and spinach...

Saturday, March 26, 2011


i did this one a coupla earth years back...just like trash

RELIX: Is the drone trailer based on an actual trailer?

MV * you bet. it's two fold really, we have what they call a 'teardrop trailer', it is an old small one that is basically a bed on wheels with a small 'kitchen' set up that i restored in the back. a really cool design...we did our early duo tours in tow it behind your vehicle. the trailer is so light and small that one could pull it behind a mini cooper.
we also live next to a double wide way out in the woods in vermont. an old school backwoods wooly scene, i once had a guitar accidentally delivered there. as cool & interesting as the folks who live there are, it was quite a laff in getting that guitar 'back'.

When/why did you decide to hook up with the Golden Road?

* we had been workin' with some folks as "the bummer road" for quite a spell, we did some records ('we offer you guru', 'mother of thousands', 'play elias mcdaniels who do you love', 'green blues') and toured pretty extensively. the "golden road" morphed outta that scene. a positive and natural evolution, more in tune with our sensibilities i s'pose, and closer on the path toward enlightenment, whatever that may be.

What were you going for in making the album?

* mainly i wanted to share a record that could swing both ways, both acoustic and electric...where the songs could be inverted naturally. for example, we can dig "anyway" acoustic, and "twitchin'" as a full on electric burner. i was going for a more wide open sound, a sound where you open up doors, but in a 'classic' sense. y'know, making a 40 minute record and, for us, relatively short songs. a collection where the jams are covert and the stretched out trips are implied.

Who are you listening to now?

* i've been playing this live dead from tampa '73 a lot these days. also been digging 'american avatar' by lisa kindred and the mel lyman family and this christmas cassette from a contemporary west coast unit called 'wooden shijps'.

What inspires your music?

* where i live, everything, nothing.

What do you hope your music inspires?

* freedom

Are there any misconceptions people have about your music?

* probably.

If you could tour with another band which would it be?

* a brooklyn band called 'woods'.

Do you prefer playing shows to recording?

* i dig both sides.

Who are your fans?

* real people, people who feel beautiful and open, people who feel ugly and open.

People say you are the ultimate hippie, do you think you are?

* who said THAT. ha ha.

When was your last haircut?

* last summer, at the time erika and i had met a 'psychedelic hairdresser' on myspace. it's true.

Any performances/musicians that fill your soul?

* alan wilson, ali akbar khan / etc...

we're going out on tour in april with mick flower to support 'country stash' - be sure to stop by, say hello and set up some mics in the tapers pit. we'll see ya and be thankful cos yr listenin' harder and living easier...