Monday, October 28, 2013


COMing soon...sweet new MV & EE studio action

UK only LP from blackest rainbow
limited edition of 99 deluxe handmade cd and download via C.O.M.
peace ∞

Friday, October 4, 2013


howdy folks,
  much obliged to all the heads and sweet rays. our whole tribe made it back to maximum arousal farm and the autumn leaves greeted us in spectra color. what a tour! infinite love and respect to all the folks who helped and went above/beyond in so many ways. got tapes? we wanna matrix...

  speaking of home, no idle in idyll...a coupla gigs with my "HOME COMFORT" project COMing up:

SATURDAY 10/05/13 New England Underground Music Festival @ Democracy Center

45 Mt. Auburn Place
Cambridge, MA

w/ Guerilla Toss, Ryan Power, Bromp Treb, Horse Spirit Penetrates, Homeworld

THURS 10/17/13 CMJ Panache Unofficial Showcase @ Silent Barn

603 Bushwick Ave
New York, NY 11206

w/ U.S. Girls, Zacht Automaat, Gem Trails

SUN 10/20/13 @ THE ELEVENS

two sets
140 Pleasant Street
Northampton, MA 01060


  lastly, if you stayed at home and didn't make it out to any of the MV & EE gigs, or you just plain were in a corporeal state nowhere near where the jams were going down, there was a tour only heroine on the merch table. we still have a few copies left and will offer them on a first served, first come basis if you are that kind. dig it, duo exchange live in london from the last overseas tour.

give a holler if interested and we'll discuss shipping/bonuses
peace ∞