Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WILD LIKE A HEROINE (return from the great unbridled)

howdy folks,
  tour was WILD! much obliged to all who made it out and went deep at the shows. golden roadies equilibrate on the corner! the "coast to roast" ride had some of the best sonics & sets yet and it felt really groovy for us to ride the "space homestead" far and wide into the vapors of autumn. can't thank all of you enough for COMin' out to the shows, lookin' forward to harvestin' these in future wave but now a flashback to other pastures. 
  we were reppin' four new heroines by hand to U from the merch table and we have mercy in case you didn't have cash or didn't wanna be square while in the moment. square as in use a credit card at the table, heh heh. we do that now, go figure…even accepted a few checks and trades. so now we can accept paypal on these celestial agriculture gems while supplies last, if you are that kind.

  so, the good ol' heroines are $6.50 each mail order, $3.50 postage in the USA or $9.50 overseas. we offer a postpaid discount on all 4 for $27 in the US, $35 overseas & canada. choose the appropriate paypal button below and let us know WHICH ONE(s) you wanna grip in a paypal note if you aren't going for all four and/or give a holler to
peace ∞


sorry SOLD OUT!

sEEk the cyborg...