Thursday, June 23, 2011


howdy folks,
i did a coupla of handmades for "country stash" around the time of receiving test pressings and they really hit the spot, much obliged to everyone for the good vibe...
doing these is nothing new for me as i often do original art on my records when i get the muse and have been doing so since where it began. i don't do too many, but the heads in the know somehow seem to find me. cory at three lobed was so into it and i wanted to pass on the spirit even tho' it wasn't "necessary" for this sleeve as the original cover/printing is super sweet. hats off to VG kids, jenny mcgee D and lucy isabel graves! i brought what i could with arcane inks, brush and pinners to these proceedings and let it rip second tier garage band folk scene style. this is the first wave of what i did for 3 lobed and i'm gonna do one more micro batch with the paint that i have left. give a holler if you wanna arrange "attainment", i'll be accepting offers on the new ones until the end of june. this batch is for noam ~
happy solstice,

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