Thursday, July 28, 2011


howdy golden roadies,
sweet times sweet last nite down in greenfield, had a w-a-a-y into it and the tapers pit was pretty strong. noam got his first mv/ee/goose dose!
lookin' like the dubious liftings folks changed the name of their fest to BIG FRUITY. who knows what we woulda called this tour if we knew then what we know now. ever evolving. anyhow full line up for that is:
flaming dragons of middle earth
egg eggs
happy jawbone band
blanche blanche blanche
mv & ee

gonna run from 2 in the afternoon to sundown so come on out, it's outdoors at the lower mill pond, BYOB * (2 ferry st. easthampton). that's a big parking lot with the park behind it...
golden roadies unite!
alrida, time to hit the trails lookin' forward to hittin' new brumfus tonite and philly yonder.
peace ∞

* flyer by joshua burkett

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