Friday, August 26, 2011


off to warwick, NY tonite for a mind rehearsal/hang with good ol' jeremy earl to prep for our final show of the suub duub tour on saturday the 27th in hudson, NY at the spotty dog. will be super cool to return back to that joint, come on out - it is a sweet scene with books galore and great microbrews on tap. we'll be doing that set as a trio with jeremy and he and i will also open the show with our new duo raga project. the canadian shows with spectre folk were gimongous, heavy tone jams with the canada goose wing of the golden road and outer realms of gustatory love. hunted the fruits all the way. dig the yay environs from the TO tapers pit courtesy of our vilde mensch archivist, also known as medusa. stay tuned cos we're gwine toward the white light.
peace ∞,

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