Friday, September 30, 2011


A few moons back we offered you an LP on the woodsist imprint simply called "mv & ee live - home comfort", which was originally a bootleg on the "hello sunshine" imprint. it was a smashing success in some circles and managed to capture the band raw and sophisticated, tattooed somewhere between a reverential acid folk (or indian classical) concert and a blasted roadhouse jam. "alt H/C", alternate hardcore or home comfort, depending how you listen to it, was issued on our HEROINE imprint as a reprise of that LP. it was compiled by MV/EE/FLOWER and given away as a promo only piece to folks who were checking out the scene around the merch table during the "april flower" tour in spring 2011. the philosophy behind this sequel was was meant to introduce folks to the "tapers pit" live sounds issued via our heroine celestial agriculture and to offer a different perspex of the trax from the original LP. these were the same compositions and jams from that record AND in the same sequence but culled from completely different performances. it makes for a rather intriguing listen as the mood and sonics vary considerably from night to night and more importantly add further dimensions to the studio renditions. post the tour we issued a small amount of these for sale to satisfy the heads that couldn't make the shows (and it helped recoup costs...what a concept!) and now we offer it to the global village. take a dip in this nudie stream and dig it.
enjoy/peace ∞

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