Monday, November 28, 2011


howdy folks,
thanks a moon for giving...had a BLAST out at harlow's pub doing two sets over the weekend TAKING OFF as a quartet with rongoose and smokehound on board for sweet groove. good times good times.
set lists:
1st ride:
flow my ray
crash space > crash palace of records
speed queen
hammer > space blues > east mountain joint
you can call me zimmy rap
simple twist of fate
feelin' fine

2nd ride:
canned happiness
tea devil > tea environments > yay environs > fire on the mtn > get right church

we'll be doing (possibly) our last show of the year up in burlington with woods at the monkey house on wednesday december 7th. hope to see ya.

no worries tho', lotta road in the new year starting with 3 sets every sunday at zebulon in williamsburg, brooklyn. acoustic/electric/beyond. those shows are FREE.

stay free (do you really wanna?),
mv & ee

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