Monday, January 2, 2012


howdy folks,
been a wild december > now. thx for all the good vibes this year and hats off to all the COMpletists. getting closer to the final stages of our forthcoming LP on woodsist due for release this spring. even found some time to do some studio work over the holidays down at "elders plantation" in the blue ridge mountains. sweet tea tone for sure.
starting this coming sunday january 8th we begin our residency at zebulon in brooklyn. 3 consecutive sundays and three sets nightly beginning after 9 pm. acoustic / electric / beyond, in the good ol' abe order with the home comfort wing of the golden road in tow. all these zebulon shows are FREE.
for this coming sunday we'll be joined by rongoose and smokehound along with special guest steve gunn sittin' in with us for the environmental "beyond" set. expect some other surprises as well.

on sunday the 15th "high lodge", which is my new project with jeremy "woods" earl, will handle the beyond set. we've been cuttin' wood in the shed for the past coupla years and we're ready to burn. expect an LP from that unit in future wave as well. special surprises that night will have good ol' jer doing triple duty (3 times the fun) sitting in on traps and various possessions for the acoustic/electric sets and herbcraft providing the low end theory. should be wild papers.

on sunday the 22nd our great, groovy old friend and tapenaut P.G. Six will provide a set of his own in the evening as well as sitting in with erika and I for some numbers. who knows what kinda transmissions from the sensual field that might bring.

mos def hope to see everyone more than once in the tapers pit...tapers are welcome.


on sunday the 29th we'll be heading up to burlington, VT to play a very special gig with thurston moore and his merry band at the first unitarian church. gonna be a wild capricorn moon into aquarius.

long may we jam in 2012...
peace ∞,

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  1. to you & yours, A most rocking new year all months long ! happy to hear the fate cry of free rock in the tree-erring kingdom of NEW YORK CITY, gracing souls with the tree tops of beyond, making joy for the great water dragon of 2012, I celebrate.