Saturday, August 11, 2012


howdy tapenauts,
  the groovy blackest rainbow label in the UK just released our V-E-R-Y limited 4 cassette box entitled "godchaux free brattleboro". 4 new england shows from the past year (3 vermont/1 jamaica plain). These high quality cuts feature the fine musicians Rongoose, Smokehound and Herbcraft. Continuing on from the previous box set collabs with MV & EE you get the usual white custom made box with a full colour cover, pro-dubbed and printed cassettes with a small 8 page black and white booklet. Over 4 hours of sounds across four cassettes: 'Jettison Awareness', 'Townie Tumbleweeds', 'Vegas Booyah' and 'Mesos Pot Amia'. All four sets are multitrack recorded/soundboard matrix mixes, so the sound is fantastic! Comes with a download code for the whole set. Edition of only 180.

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  1. This looks mighty fine.
    Have you got a list of the other musics you've got available right now?