Thursday, April 11, 2013


howdy greener grass!
  firstly much obliged to everyone who who got on the proverbial bus to dig the zebulon, we at good ol' C.O.M. couldn't be more at attention and want to thank you for takin' a drive on that set and setting. if you are part of the too slooow movement, and we like laconic, you better get some speedway in yr boogie cos we are down to the last copies of that 7 disc collection. don't be stymied…

last copies, order here: SOLD OUT

  also a heads up to the heads as we are making room for new life. the majority of the current heroine back catalog will be going out of print so we are offering a special price/deal while supplies last on the titles listed below. this will allow for a whole new harvest of live action that will surely blow more minds than bran. neurons will fly like ravens upon hearing some insanely choice sets as new dimensions in heroine spectra will be unleashed like krokus.

peace ∞

please post desired titles in a note along with where you are to
and we'll give a price with shipping


"i left my wallet in the trossachs" Center For Contemporary Arts/Glasgow, Scotland 08/21/10 MV/EE/FLOWER

"muy alto" Feeding Tube Records & Tapes/Northampton, MA 10/20/10 MV/EE

"blazed corndog, 'ham bone (turn the heat up!)" Greencup Books/Birmingham, AL 05/29/09 MV/EE/WILLIE  

"sasquatch creamie" Oxfam Cafe/Medford, MA 11/03/08 MV/EE/DOC/MUSKOX OUT OF PRINT

"space" Space Gallery/Portland ME 01/16/09 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"bill lee vs. the powerman or king tubby's homestead" The Earl/Atlanta, GA 01/26/09 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"pride of yards: definition" Johnny Brenda's/Philadelphia, PA 06/13/08 MV/EE/WILLIE/DOC/MUSKOX OUT OF PRINT

"ready for another house" Diverseworks/Houston, TX 05/03/09 MV/EE/WILLIE OUT OF PRINT

"bad blood on the doozers guitar" Islington Mill/Manchester, UK 02/12/10 MV/EE/FLOWER/THE DOOZER OUT OF PRINT

"forever upward" Waterfront Park/Hudson, NY 07/26/08 MV/EE/WILLIE  OUT OF PRINT

"wiz wid" Brooke's Juke Joint/Philadelphia, PA 09/17/09 MV/EE/WILLIE OUT OF PRINT

"terrastock raga" Terrastock 7/Louisville, KY 06/22/08 MV/EE/BARNES/WILLIE/DOC/MUSKOX OUT OF PRINT

"greenspace" Greenfield Energy Park/Greenfield, MA 08/15/09 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"free folk paintball" Issue Project Room/Brooklyn, NY 1st set 10/16/09 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"double double raw" Tranzac/Toronto, ON 2nd night*electric set 06/27/08 MV/EE/DOC/MUSKOX/CHENAUX/ANDERSON OUT OF PRINT

"blasted wavelength (one for vega & boss)" P.A.'s Lounge/Somerville, MA 11/16/10 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"toasted cookie" Feeding Tube/Northampton, MA 05/02/11 MV/EE/RONGOOSE/MO'LOW

"toasted clam" Issue Project Room/Brooklyn, NY 2nd set 10/16/09 MV/EE/RONGOOSE/MO'LOW OUT OF PRINT

"wobbly hall" Village Hall/Campsea Ash, UK 08/26/10 MV/EE/FLOWER OUT OF PRINT

"gis a job" The Vicarage/Bradford, UK 08/22/10 MV/EE/FLOWER OUT OF PRINT

"hot breezer" The Phoenix/Exeter, UK 09/02/10 MV/EE/FLOWER OUT OF PRINT

"freak flag (i wanna make u moan like karen black)" Miss Peapod's/Penryn, Cornwall 2nd night 09/01/10 MV/EE/FLOWER/ANRAM OUT OF PRINT

"jean sandwich" Club Soda/Montreal 01/23/10 MV/EE/DOC/MUSKOX/JMASCIS OUT OF PRINT

"stormcockney" Cafe Oto/London 08/30/10 (1st set) MV/EE/FLOWER/DOOZER OUT OF PRINT

"monumental force" Cafe Oto/London UK 08/30/10 (2nd Set) MV/EE/FLOWER/DOOZER/ANRAM OUT OF PRINT

"all good habs" Casa Del Popolo/Montreal, QC 04/25/11 MV/EE/MUSKOX

"gene pool" Village Tavern, Mount Pleasant, SC 01/26/09 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"for all the bob in ya (welcome to the weekend)" Harlow's Pub/Peterborough, NH 11/26/11 (1st set) MV/EE/RONGOOSE/SMOKEHOUND OUT OF PRINT

"mutron lovers" WFMU On Air Studios/Jersey City, NJ 01/21/09 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"unrock" Unrock/Krefeld, Germany 05/17/08 MV/EE/SAMARA/DOC OUT OF PRINT

"hit the north" Brudenell Social Club/Leeds, UK 09/02/10 MV/EE/FLOWER/DOOZER OUT OF PRINT

"hit the midway (laser prosody)" Shambala Festival/Northamptonshire, UK 08/28/10 MV/EE/FLOWER/DOOZER OUT OF PRINT

"electric wharf (coventrian)" Taylor Johns House/Coventry, UK 02/13/10 MV/EE/FLOWER/DOOZER OUT OF PRINT

"black ark/white egg" Dublab/Los Angeles, CA 02/14/07 MV/EE OUT OF PRINT

"barn joint" Red Barn/Amherst, MA 10/16/07 MV/EE/TOM CARTER/J MASCIS OUT OF PRINT

 nobody takes you there like a heroine

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