Saturday, March 21, 2015

3 NEW HEROINES sweet archive & NOW

howdy folks,
here we have some sweet spot recordings and a beautiful representation of what a HEROINE "is" and where we are at. two of our most recent shows and an archival stomper from the DRONE TRAILER era as a quartet with percussionists/vibers rafi bookstaber and jeremy earl. know this -> there we were one night only MV & EE with THE GOLDEN WOODSTABBER, it's a groover and a gas. it hints at elements from ground zero trad gras colliding with the "happenings" of the tower recordings. this "seated boogie (way huge)" show in the wayback machine of 2009 was with kurt vile and spectre folk and our most recent return to new haven was also with spectre folk. the C.O.M. ouroboros in the continuum, continuity. don't be stymied folks…connect the neurons. nobody takes you there like a heroine.

$21 plus shipping nice price for all three


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