Thursday, April 7, 2016


UK import 7 inch single limited to 100 copies

MATT "MV" VALENTINE - now i have everything
NICK MITCHELL - livin' on a flight path

golden lab records

instrumental non LP "raga" track & guitar tonefloat mantra
sweet die-cut sleeve with mounted photograph


message me if you are interested in the tangible and untangible music

here's a review/overview:

“OK, let’s get right into it. Matt “MV” Valentine’s side first, then: fluctuating analogue synth, wah-wah guitar and sitar combine and interplay to trance-inducing effect and just over-half way through a tabla joins in. It all sounds like one cosmic jam, baby, yeah! It builds and builds before an abrupt and all-too-soon halt with electronic drone to fade. That was real nice, MV. More like this, please.
“Nick “NM” Mitchell’s side is an altogether more tropical propostition. It will transport you briefly to an Hawaiian island where the coconuts will drive you mad but NM’s dazzling, sinuous and serpentine guitars and muted tabla and island percussion will become the refreshing antidote. There might even be the soft swish-swish of a grass skirt too. That’s one flight path I’d like to live on.”  
Norman Records

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