Thursday, May 19, 2016


howdy folks,
  some VERY JAMMY new agriculture...a recent 2016 show, trio with rongoose -> an incredible hi-fi spelunk to the noggins. a taste of the legendary "spacetrails" tour from 2012, homesteading qtet -> quintet style with smokehound carson, mick flower and herbcraft. why is that tour still unreleased!?! more on that some other aeon...another quartet "guitar amp" tape trapped in lobster fidelty also from 2012...some deep duo cold space from the milky way lounge in jamaica plain back in 2010, a soundboard that we recently found in the vaults...and the first UK gig of our "shade grown" tour from the depths of cambridge, england...mellow clarity in good ol' 2013. taste the preserves...


if you don't want the nice price bundle give a holler with individual wants 
we're always listening...

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