Thursday, April 14, 2011


howdy fellow golden roadies,
we just finished up the sequential circuit of the "april flower" tour, good times g-o-o-d times! had some groovy guests sittin' in at various shows - jeremy earl / harmonica dan / chris corsano / willie lane and we got a sweet pan of gold on the tapes to prove it. gonna be quite a spring harvest, lets bring it on. another possible tape box? HIGH-light LP? lovelight nice price heroines? all of the above? vote in accordingly. do it!
what we did for the tour was produce a promo only heroine that we gave away to select heads who were giving good vibe around the merch table. we call it ALT H/C...and it is a hardcore alternate version of the woodsist LP. mick and i compiled it from various shows with the core group of valentine/elder/flower along with john "mo'low" moloney, andy ramsay, doc dunn and the doozer makin' the scene on some jams. same tracks and sequence as the "home comfort" disc but with DEEP cuts culled from totally different sources. last chance to grip this version will be tomorrow nite, april 15th, in new haven where we'll be playin' popeyes garage on a bill with the flower-corsano duo. it will be our only full on electric set of the tour, quartet with mo'low on drums. don't miss it folks, don't miss it.
if you can't be at the gig in the corporeal sense, drop a line and we'll work somethin' out.
peace ∞

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  1. Dear shiba.
    I am very regrettable because I did not see your wonderful tour.
    So, I am looking forward to the release of the sounds.
    Of course, I vote for "all of the above".
    peace ∞