Wednesday, April 27, 2011


howdy road enthusiasts,
just back after a sweet run at Issue Project Room (NY) - MV/EE/WILLIE/RONGOOSE/DOV and Casa Del Popolo (Montreal) - MV/EE/MUSKOX...what a perfect pair of gigs and there are primo tapes to prove it. much obliged to everyone for coming out and helping to make for some very good times.
we have a "local" gig with the family underground and crystalline roses on sunday may 1st down at feeding tube in northampton, MA. come on out...these new heroines listed below will be available at that show or direct from us, just give a holler. dig the spring harvest...lets keep 'em COMin'

peace ∞

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  1. Oh man... so glad to see the Terrastock raga set make it's way out. I was there for it--one of the best things I've ever seen. Can I grab a copy from y'all?