Sunday, March 25, 2012


howdy golden roadies ∞
we got inner ears where you are, but you knew that already! if you grip this here program of suub duub you may let it rip consensually in the privacy of yr very own demense. MV & EE rolled a spirited cloud shield force field known as the "suub duub" tour in summer 2011. this is the COMplete ride, inspired hyperspace from smoky canada to takoma area wilderness. duo exchanges along with various permutations from special guests RONGOOSE/THE WOLFPACK/HERBCRAFT/THE GOLDEN ROAD. there are many rooms and as with heroine celestial agriculture each one can harvest many doors, dig the portals of the "mv & ee" grassroots ride, that which has been revived here for you in the solution of spectrasound, handled with care for you to inhale with many breaths.

there's alotta running time here in the matrix, come have an adventure. why not? there you will inherit. there is merit in your dedication to C.O.M.. we are native.

limited to 99 copies:

8 discs packaged in a handmade/handbound old skool printed custom "wallet" with a 16 page book. lovingly assembled and mastered in spectrasound. COMplete heroine discography also included therein! all this housed in an archival poly sleeve, remember it's not just a C.O.M. but an investment.

spin on and on - ain't no revival, this is the dawn of sweet new mv & ee and all who sail with them. the long awaited return of suub duub! for nature and wildlife lovers everywhere!

we might have some on the merch table or on returning from our "HOME COMFORT SOUND SYSTEM" tour, get in touch and be patient if interested, we'll try to hook you up!

for further info:

peace ∞

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  1. Howdy Matt... I got it:-) thanx...
    Best and greetings from Italy