Thursday, April 26, 2012


howdy folks,
  been gettin' deep into some new frontiers out here in the hills...firstly we are about to sell out of the "suub duub" box, down to our last few copies so give a holler and/or dig the last blog post for order details if you are that kind.
  a new dimension for sweet new MV & EE has taken the shape of hoodies!

only have size small navy with silver ink

 we've sourced some high quality non zip pullovers and did some fine fine screenprinting with golden roadie rongoose at his "goose's auto installation" avant garage. also hit up some wicked cool T-shirts in all the right colors and sizes. limited stock/limited edition garments and they'll be available on the merch table for our upcoming spacetime ∞ spacemind tour. you can order direct above and below, give a holler and/or mebbe we hit the trails near you, we'll be in these neighborhoods:

yours in multiples,

T-shirts in adult SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE
blue / grey / navy / black - > usually black ink, 'cept the black shirts (shown) printed with silver ink
also have white shirts in boys large size with black ink -> great size for the ladies or tye dye!
please specify color preference and size when ordering, list back up options for good vibes
peace ∞

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