Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new luddite - C.O.M. and HEROINE in the digital domain

dig it COMMIES and HEROINE addix:
MV & EE downloads and beyond

several months back we launched a campaign with our good ol' buds over at Revolver/Midheaven to bring you blasts from the past and future wave from our cottage label Child Of Microtones and its subsidiary Heroine Celestial Agriculture. This week 3 groovy titles have blossomed, the solo debut from Willie Lane "Recliner Ragas" which was COM 8, the solo debut from Samara Lubelski "In The Valley" which was COM 7 and our most recent MV & EE "electric" heroine set, full on quartet live in Cornwall, UK with Mick Flower and Andy Ramsay entitled "Freak Flag". check 'em out and smile like Karen Black.

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  1. You brought a smile to my feverish face today, as I'm down with the super flu. 's good to have another path to the Golden Road. Hope to see y'all sometime soon, but for now it's peppermint tea & Steamhammer.

    onward thru the fog,
    Nashville Dave