Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW HEROINE - live at Campsea Ash!

MV & EE with MICK FLOWER - "Wobbly Hall". Great sound with some sweet jams at this gig from Campsea Ashe in rural England in a village hall on the "steal yr slice" tour. The P.A. was incredible...brought in by "Tall James" and it was a wall of sound classic all the way. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides and Hugh Metcalfe were also on the bill, Erika captured me for the front cover snap in masked marvel mode doing the merch table. It was quite a scene. Mick and I ducked out for a swift one at a local pub in between sets, classic scenario with dog and fireplace and the "yer not from around here" raps/Q&A. Super friendly vibe tho' and nice to get a walk in for max aerobics before the show, you could feel lovejoy and the specter of auctions gone by in the moody mist. We sure did let it rip...unbridled tone.
Available direct...if interested give a holler. peace ∞

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