Tuesday, February 22, 2011

april flower

howdy skypilots,
  goin' on the road again in april as a trio with mick flower...come on out to the tapers pit near you.

mon april 4th northampton, MA feeding tube
tues april 5th saratoga springs, NY the arts center
weds 6th boston, MA the church
thurs 7th purchase, NY suny purchase
fri 8th - brooklyn, NY death by audio
sat 9th - philly, PA brickbat books
sun 10th - wilkes-barre, PA the crimson lion hookah lounge

  some real sweet special guests at these shows including willie lane and the flower corsano duo. stay tuned for more details. a real hip tour poster is starting to blossom...keep yr eyes peeled along with inner ears for a new perfect pair of heroines. peace ∞

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