Tuesday, May 24, 2011


howdy folks,
only the apex of habits for sure when we're up in montreal, always a pleasure to roll thru the casa del popolo up in the north country. this is a rare trio concert of MV/EE/MUSKOX and we really stretch out in a few spots but always remain glued to the unimind. one of those nights with wild unbridled neurons and a laid back language where all the sonics are intact and fully conversant. a real keeper and a solidly unique perspective on the jams, dig the tertiary stages within "environments"!
hard to believe this happened just one month ago but it is already a classic for me, check it out and get on in...

give a holler if you are that kind.
$6.50 plus postage ($2 US/$3 canada/$6 overseas)
paypal to starsailors@msn.com


  1. pissed i missed this night! catch ya at the next one...

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