Wednesday, May 18, 2011


howdy freefolk collectors,
this is one of those dream gigs where the jams are aired, people are shootin' the shiza and playin' pool all under the one roof where our duo exchange provides the soundtrack. granted we get a little bit help from the percussion station known as cue ball and sports bar, and our sensitive mic's pick it up while while we're pickin'...but none of that real people "audience" tape scene detracts from the throw down on this wild ride of a gemmer from the "drone trails" tour back in january 2009. i live for these kind of gigs, sorta alt hardcore defined in a way, tho' this one is more petri dish where the specimen divide. what really ices it for me is one of the punters requesting "the uranian ray" during one of the breaks! gotta love it again and again, for that lets all take a dip and get stonewashed like burt lancaster in "the swimmer".

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