Saturday, May 14, 2011


howdy folks,

still comin' down off a sweet set at feeding tube with the toast'd clam wing of the golden road. tapers pit was STRONG that night and wild sonix will not be tamed, but unleashed...stay tuned. found another "on" moment in the archive from the "drone trails" tour back in january '09. killer duo exchange which i'm mastering right now from mt. pleasant, SC from the village tavern with a decidedly village thing daily dose vibe. magic landscape in the gene "pool", as in billiards percussin'.

been inside the spring reverb vibe out here, driven like the studio with jeremy earl workin' on some prime cuts and fine tuning some country stash handmades. got a very small batch to offer with pen and ink drawings/renderings done by yrs truly. i was inspired by a few collector friends of mine, daisuke and rick-O, in japan and new haven, respectively, who dig having my custom art on their eloquent shelves. i decided to do a few more...give a holler if interested and we'll rap.

good ol' country stash came out this week...forever may it revolve. get it while supplies last at a crash palace near yr inner ear. off to jam with J...
peace ∞

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